About Us



             We are proud to introduce our esteemed organization to you by the grace of Almighty. We started operating business in the town of Kundapur in the year 1985 by the name of “BED CENTER” by selling Mattress, Curtains, Furnitures, Rexines, Foams, Molded Furnitures, and Sofas etc.              Kundapur is a taluk surrounded by several villages growing along with the town and as per the requirements of the people in and around the town, we established our new outlet by the name “PLEASANT” in the year 2004 Jan 11th inaugurated by M.S. Masood Minorities Chairman and Dr. Sukumar Shetty Trustie Kollur Temple. After 19 years of hard work, good will, after sales service and faith of our valuable customers made us successful in opening the vast venture “PLEASANT”. We mainly provide Furniture, Curtains, Furnishing Fabrics, Interiors, and Custom made furniture, Mattress of various kinds, Beds, Sofas and all kind of house hold items.             After successfully serving our valuable customers in and around Kundapur we stepped ahead by Opening our branch in the town of Brahmavar in the year 2008. In the year 2016 Jan 11th on our 13th anniversary we inaugurated our high end contact called “PLEASANT MATTREZZ BAZAAR” in Kundapur providing high range of mattress, sofas, beds etc.           After 28 years of business into trading, we intended to establish our industry in the year 2014 by the name “Pleasant Industries” in Koteshwara, Kundapur, which facilitates production of vast range of Furniture in various kinds as per the requirement. It is the hard work of our management and staff, good will of our organization and the service we provide to our customers until satisfaction.Similarly “Pleasant Comfort Zone” has been commenced in Brahmavar to serve the people of the town in the high end products.